Visual Communications

You’re eager to change the world. We’re eager to bring a fresh, compelling look to match your innovation.

At Lyra Creative Studios, we create eye-catching, accessible designs that make your brand pop, and we use only the best tools to create them!

Your company’s story is an inspiration for our art. Together, we’ll turn your brand into a masterpiece. Our collective of skilled, culturally conscious designers knows how to tell your story visually. Whether you need help building a visual brand identity or creating cross-channel designs, we’re here for you.

Web Design and CRO

Your digital presence affects your audience just as the spectacular big-top or theatre shapes their expectations. Does your web content have a well-branded, easily navigable site to call home? Does each element of your digital presence link to the next?

We’ll make sure both those are true, optimizing all parts of your digital presence as part of your brand’s captivating story.

Graphic Design

Just as an aerial artist spins together dazzling poses high above the stage, our graphic designers turn your remarkable brand story into a mesmerizing visual presence. Whether you need social media graphics, email/web headers, brochures, or an unforgettable PowerPoint, we’re here to help.

Contact us today with your creative brief.

We provide our graphic/web design and visual communications services in two ways:

  • one-time comprehensive visual branding/comms
  • a la carte projects

Comprehensive Visual Branding/Communication Projects

The Adagio

$999 (Visual Branding and Web Design):

  • Visual Brand Identity Kit (colors, typefaces, etc.)
  • Website / Social Media Design (up to 5 pages) | $150/page = 750
  • Brand identity design for up to 3 social platforms

Plus: 1 FREE consultation & strategy session! (up to 1 hour)

The Trapeze Artist

$2,149 (Web Content and Branding)

  • Digital brand identity, including color palette, typography, and overall UX design
  • Keyword research
  • Mapping and development of lead generation funnels
  • Content audit and map, including identification of brand authority, content pillars, and buyer journey/ funnels
  • High-converting web content for up to 10 pages
  • Development of value proposition
  • Tagline options: 30 minutes

Plus: 1 FREE consultation & strategy session! (up to 1 hour)

A la Carte Projects

Our per-project graphic design rates are as follows:

Digital presentation (up to 15 slides, design only)$170
Tri-fold brochure (design only)$260
Social media graphic set (banners for up to 3 platforms)$80
Handbill/flyer design$130