Our Mission and Values

Lyra Creative Studios was founded to empower changemaking businesses and nonprofits to prioritize their compelling story and forge authentic relationships with their dream audiences. To make this happen, we do all the rigging, choreography, and logistics to help you debut your greatest show!

We exclusively work with organizations that share our values of integrity, empowerment, inclusivity, passion, and equitable growth. We collaborate with businesses and nonprofits that want to change the world — to walk the talk, even on a tightrope!

How We Work

We begin by getting to know you and your organization. Then, we’ll get to work on crafting content and actionable tactics — the true “magic” of your brand!

At every stage, we’ll verify our results and check in with you. We’ll build a robust strategy “behind the curtain” so that you can best highlight your value and make a strong impression on your audience.

Throughout the process, we cultivate a strategic working relationship to help you elevate your brand. You always have the chance to request revisions and give feedback. Magic can only happen when lines of communication are wide open! We offer flexible, iterative project design and management to ensure that we produce the best results for your brand.

Who We Are

Members of the Lyra Creative Collective represent humanity’s beautiful rainbow, including persons of color, non-Judeo-Christian faiths, neurodivergent cognition, and LGBTQIA identity or orientation. We all have training in cross-cultural, inclusive communications so that we can truly connect with your diverse audience.

Our Policies

We do not work with MLMs, direct sales, social selling companies, pyramid schemes — whatever you’re calling it.

We do not work with psychics, fortune-tellers, faith-healers, non-certified health “coaches,” or anyone else involved in an industry that typically exploits marginalized groups. Authentic pagan or holistic health/fitness organizations are welcome as long as they adhere to FDA and FCC regulations and/or have obtained certifications for their enterprise.

We only collaborate with enterprises that adhere to inclusive hiring and collaborative standards, even beyond governmental guidelines, e.g. all members of the LGBTQIA community, all genders, all religions, all ability levels, neurodivergent persons, and any other members of marginalized groups.

Under no circumstances do we tolerate bullying, discrimination, gaslighting, exploitation, or other abusive behaviors by our clients, whether as individuals or as organizations or their leaders. We reserve the right to terminate any working relationship with clients that demonstrate bullying, manipulative, gaslighting, or exploitative behaviors.