Marketing is more than just running ads and publishing on social media.

It’s a spell you cast, woven together from multiple powerful ingredients.

Above all else, it needs a compelling story that will captivate your audience and summon their thunderous applause.

Want to make your marketing magic?

Lyra Creative Studios is a collective of magical marketers and creative communicators who can help your small business, nonprofit, or changemaking enterprise transform and elevate your brand. With smart, science-backed strategy and spectacular storytelling (can you tell we love alliteration?), we’ll cast a lasting spell on your dream customers, clients, and donors.

What We Do

We collaborate with purpose-driven, passionate businesses and nonprofits to elevate their brand. We’re storytellers at heart, and that guides our expertise as we help you reach new heights.

Leveraging the science of communication, we provide changemaking organizations with content marketing, media relations, and visual communication strategies that make an impact.

Collaboration lies at the heart of every project, as we draw upon our expertise to help you forge a lasting relationship with your target audience. As part of our passion for changemaking, we place your spectacular story front and center — creating a jaw-dropping circus of intrigue and inspiration.

Who We Help

Yoga, pilates, and wellness studios

Breweries, bakeries, and gastropubs

Dance studios and performing arts schools

Arts and cultural organizations

Health clinics and rehabilitation centers

Charities and activist groups

And anyone else who aims to make the world a better place!

Visual Storytelling

Sometimes, words aren’t enough. Our remarkable UX strategists, visual communicators, and web/graphic designers can help you mesmerize your audience.

We also provide photography and videography services for organizations in Georgia and Florida, USA. There’s magic everywhere: We’ll capture it for you.

We believe in magic — do you?

Let us help you cast a spell on your ideal audience. It all stems from the story you tell…and the powerful forces we can leverage on your behalf.

It’s more than SEO, marketing, or graphic design. We bring together the technical and the artistic to empower your organization’s strategic goals.

Now that’s magical.

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"Loved Rachel's engaging writing style and creativity!"

"Really appreciate the support of our new venture!"

"Rachel is a creative storyteller in any medium. She’s gifted in writing, blogging, videography and editing and is thoughtful in her creative choices. I’ve seen her work on topics from hard sciences, the humanities, children’s health, education and cultural topics. Versatile and fun to work with!"

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